Formosa Blue Magpie is a very precious bird in Taiwan and is also selected as Taiwan 's national bird. I had never seen them in the wild field before.

Luckily I saw two Formosa Blue Magpies last Sunday in Yan-Ming National Park . We went with my friend’s family by their big van. Sometime I felt that my friend is like Formosa Blue Magpie for me as well.(


Car is not that environmental friendly, but it’s really good to share the car together when we go out, especially when you have small children under 5. Since our moving back, we went out together for 3 times. We went Yi-Lian and Yan-Ming National Park for one day trip. They always try to get kids out to explore the nature. 

(This is the place I met one of the Formosa Blue Magpie) 

We spent an afternoon picnicking, the weather in mountain area is just like London ’s summer. It made me thinking of the summer life in Hampstead Heath and Regent  Park in London .

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