Time goes by fast. This sounds just like a cliche.  But what worse is that we haven't really settled down in some way.

We finally moved in our little flat, but we are spinning round and round in Taipei's busy machine. 

Vincent was crazy excited when he came back here. Now, he strated to think of all his friends in London. His honey moon in Taipei has finished.

I feel it's hard to find friends and make play day for Vincent in Taipei, cos most of the parents are working hard.

Luckly, I have some friends who are looking after their kids themselves which makes Vincent can have 1-2 friends playing together on weekday.

I hope our life here will be much more healthier and happier.

Would like to say 'Happy New Year to you all'. I miss you guys. I really wish that you can come over for visiting.

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  • robin6151
  • 等你們有空,來我家坐坐。

  • The same as before.

    moniquechen 於 2010/02/09 15:57 回覆

  • Andix Lai
  • Hi Monique, my name is Andix from Hong Kong,
    living in Tokyo for 10 years, I married with
    Japanese woman & have a 15 months old child,we
    are planning to move to London on March, is it
    possible to find a small flat around 650-700
    pound per month? we don't mind small, just want
    to find somewhere safe & good for kid living.My
    new office in shaftesbury avenue,could you give
    us some advice?
    Thank you!!
  • Already sent you a mail.

    moniquechen 於 2010/02/09 15:56 回覆