Vincent is getting more and more used to life in Taipei here. What amazing is Vincent started his football class today. I never expect he can keep his football class in my country cos it's not that popular here. Everything came luckly. He is the youngest one in the class and the class is just near where we live. Also he got the last space...... It's 90 mins per week a time.

The football class trainning is a little bit chinese style, but it is fine overally. Some of the children have played for more than an year. I hope Vincent will have fun and will can play football with his friends in London someday. He still remembers his friends in London and his English is a little bit better than last month.

Many children have no play day in Taipei, cos most of the parents are crazy busy in their everyday life. But luckly Vincent has some friends to play with. Now Vincent is crazy about the cartoon Diego. And his favorate colour is still light blue. He loves going to school most of the days.

Last weekend we went to our family Tomb Sweeping Day. It was so good to meet my cousins and relatives, some of whom i haven't seen for more than 10 years. Vincent was so excited about some of the ceremony and he did help a lot.

We also visited some of the famous architects in north east of Taiwan yesterday. Cos dad is an architect..................

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  • Sylvie
  • Hello, it's so nice to have news about you and Vincent. It's
    great he still can play football. Boris stopped the football
    class, he didn't enjoy at all. Leo is still in the class. Leo
    and Boris talk often about Vincent, they say Vincent took the
    plane and that he goes to school in Taiwan. It's Easter holiday
    here. Keep in touch, xx