There are lots of party invitations recently. I feel that time goes by so fast, it seems that we just had Lily's 3 years old cake. Suddently, I am eating her 4 years old birthday cake. Today was really busy day, Vincent played from 11:15 to 17:10 with many of his friends.

I am really appreciated that many of our friends invite us to stay with them whenever we come back for visiting. Dear friends I would hope that you'll win Lottery and thank you very much.
最近每星期都有生日派對,一年過得好快,又到了飯糰好友Lily的生日派對;回想起去年還在他家吃 3 生日蛋糕。轉眼間竟然吃到 4 的生日蛋糕。


We had another really professional family birthday home party I have ever had in my life.
All the children were so happy. It's a pirate birthday party.

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